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On Monday Tinki (Red'n Ready Pocahontas) competed in agility class 1, did a zero-point run and won her class! Congratulations Päivi and Tinki, we look forward to your competition career!


This weekend's competition scores are from Leia (Red'n Ready Diamond Thief) and Jedi (Red'n Ready Divine Hercules), who participated in their first ever rally obedience trial! Both had one start in class 1, Jedi scored an awesome 100/100 points and 1st place. Leia made one small mistake but still got a great 90/100 and a qualifying score for both. Congratulations to Anne for the great scores with her duo!


Taika and Maaru competed again in agility last weekend. Taika did two disqualified runs, but Maaru won one difficult class 1 course with 5 points and came second with a zero-point run in the other! Maaru has now competed in three trials and already gotten two zeros :) Congratulations to Maaru and Melissa!

Below a video of Maaru's runs this weekend.


Last weekend was full of agility competitions! On Saturday Taika and Maaru both did a couple of runs at Hyvinkää, Taika got 2x 5 points and won both courses, Maaru got two good disqualified runs. Wicca ran her first competition in class 3 in Lohja. No clear runs yet, but was so cool to be competing in class 3 again!

Vimma (Red'n Ready FBI Most Wanted) was responsible for the clear runs this weekend, since she got her second zero-point win in class 2! Congratulations - soon she'll join Wicca in class 3.


Viivi had her ultrasound and unfortunately there were no puppies to be seen. This is now the second time Viivi did not get pregnant, I am not sure if we will try to breed her a third time or not. Now we turn our focus on Wicca's upcoming litter for the summer.


On Saturday I competed with Wicca in class 2 at an agility trial in Sipoo, and we got a zero-point win from two runs, 2 qualifying scores and moved to the highest class! Great to be finally competing in class 3 again!

On Sunday Maaru compated for the first time in agility in Ojanko with Melissa. First two runs were good training, because from the third one they did a zero-point run and ended up in third place!


Viivi has been bred successfully in Kannus just before Christmas with Pizu, and we are hoping for a litter for end of February. Ultra sound will be on Friday 18.1 to see if there will be puppies!

Vimma (Red'n Ready FBI Most Wanted) and her owner Lotta competed first time in obedience class 1. They did an amazing course with almost full points; 196/200 points! With this they won the class and got judge's "honor prize".

Year 2018 is coming to an end, and we would like to thank all our puppy owners and everybody else who has helped to make this such an great year! Now we turn our gazes to next year, to our future puppy plans and other adventures to come! I hope you all a great 2019!

Banner: Anne Barck Photography
Content: Shanti Karinen