Planned litters

Our next litter is planned for summer 2019 for Wicca.
This is our only litter plan for 2019 as Viivi did not have puppies.

If you are interested in hearing more, contact me and come meet my dogs! When you contact me for the first time, make sure to introduce yourself. Tell me why you are interested in specifically my breeding, why you are looking for an aussie etc.

If I don't get back to you within a couple of weeks, send a new message! I also recommend checking the info-page for frequently asked questions before writing your message.

I prefer contact via email at

Wicca x Linus-litter

We're hoping for Wicca x Linus puppies in summer 2019.

Wicca's heat is expected for April-May. 

PAIM1 Black Zone's Grand Jury STDsd

Dam: Black Zone's Alicia Chinn
Sire: Black Zone's Comanche Warrior

  • born 16.11.2012, Sweden
  • hips B/B, elbows 0/0, back LTV1 VA0 SP0, eyes clear (08/2018)
  • MyDogDNA test & other genetic tests: HSF4, MDR1, PRA, CEA & DM free
  • competes in agility class 3 (highest class), AVO1 result in obedience, ALO1 result in rally obedience, fci herding PAIM-E, PAIM1 titles & competes in class 2
  • ASCA trial herding started sheep & ducks with titles STDsd & agility titles JS-O GS-O RS-N
  • approved character test +143 points and secure of shots
  • main hobbies are agility & herding
  • Wicca in Finnish database

Wicca is a combination of speed, dangerous situations and an immense will to please. Wicca is an awesome, easy dog in everyday life. She loves cuddling and doesn't care about anyone but me. At home she's very calm, but when we get to the agility field, she goes completely crazy. In agility Wicca is a race car! Sometimes her brains get left behind at the starting line, but this too has gotten better with age. Wicca is crazy about balls, but tug-of-war and food are also always acceptable rewards. In herding she's noticeably calmer and works with a good concentration, always getting even the more stubborn animals moving. Wicca is very much a one-person dog, but doesn't guard other than announcing guests. She tolerates other dogs as long as they don't try to get too familiar.

Wicca's first litter is almost two years old, and the puppies have all inherited her fierce attitude in sports, play-drive and confidence. None of them are scared of noises or otherwise very sensitive. Most are serious working dogs who don't care about other people or dogs when they get to work for their owner - just like Wicca!

Tucker Creek's Special Ticket STDsd

Dam: Tucker Creek's Special Addition
Sire: Las Rocosa Ticket 2 Tucker Creek

  • born 05.06.2014, Canada
  • lives in Vienna, Austria
  • hips A/A, elbows 0/0, OCD free, eyes clear (12/2016)
  • genetic tests: HSF4, MDR1, CEA, PRA, DM, CMR1, NCL6 free
  • competes in fci agility class 1, obedience, rally obedience 
  • in ASCA agility competes in the elite (highest) class in all venues, titles GS-E RS-E JS-E
  • in herding ASCA titles started sheep and ducks
  • 9th place in ASCA European Nationals 2018 MVA (most versatile aussie)
  • competed in the USA ASCA Nationals in MVA competition in 2018

I met Linus for the first time in an ASCA agility trial in Austria in 2016. I noticed a very handsome red male that was tied to the wall during the competition. He was calmly sitting there and wagged his tail at me when I walked past. I was interested in the handsome, sizable male so I asked around whose dog it was and from which kennel it was from. When I found Linus's owner Julia and she took me to meet Linus. He made an impression on me with his happy, friendly character and the calm, confident behavior at the competition. He didn't whine or bark after his owner, but when it was his turn, he turned out to be a fast and intense agility dog! Just the kind of combination that I like.

Linus is an imported male from Canada, and his pedigree is full of working lines that are rare in Europe. He trains and competes in various in different sports, and is healthy, social, handsome and big. Linus also has the same kind of intensity as Wicca. All around a perfect match for Wicca! 

I am expecting these puppies to be great, fast sport dogs for any hobbies, but especially for agility for a goal-oriented owner! Even though Linus is big, Wicca is a smaller female and her previous puppies are all small and light. I am hoping these will turn out a bit bigger and longer-legged, while still retaining the light and sporty build. The puppies should be intense, feisty and "slightly crazy" - in a good way! I am also keeping one puppy for myself from this litter. These puppies are not suited for anyone looking for a first sports dog, and I would prefer the puppy-buyers to already have experience with sharp and intense dogs, either aussies or similar breeds. These puppies will not be suitable for people who are looking for a pretty merle-colored blue-eyed dog, a hobby dog for the whole family or for children, or an "active companion dog".

Puppy information

"An active dog for an active owner = a happy dog & owner"

An aussie is not a dog for everybody. Have you done your research properly about the breed? I breed strongly working line aussies, that have been bred for herding and guarding. Inside the cute, cuddly dog there just might be a highly dominant, quickly reactive and protective dog that needs a lot of activity and a owner who knows what they are doing. An aussie at its best is a easily motivated and eager dog that loves to work whatever with its owner, but a dog that is a pleasure to live with in day-to-day life. An aussie at its worst can be a problem dog that scares the neighbors, and even the owners can't trust. That is why it's critical that you make sure this breed is for you and you are not biting a bigger piece than you can swallow!

Red'n Ready puppies are sold to active and responsible people, who are looking for a dog for dog sports like agility, obedience, search & rescue, military sports or a working dog for herding. Though I much prefer using working lines in my breeding program, my main goal is an all-around dog, not mainly a herding dog. It is a good thing to keep in mind when inquiring me for specially a herding dog. I don't sell my puppies to homes only interested in conformation shows or homes where the dogs live in kennels or only outside. I want every one of my puppies to live in a home where it will be part of the day-to-day life and a loved family member. Not a working tool or a stuffed decoration on the couch!

Every litter is carefully considered and planned, and I always hard strive to produce healthy puppies that have they qualities to be wonderful performance dogs that are also nice to live everyday life with. All of the females I use for breeding have had thorough health tests done - in minimum hips, elbows and annual eye examination - and they are healthy. Also different kinds of DNA-testing and official back examination will be included in these health tests as they become more easily access. Naturally the bitches will be otherwise healthy as well of all hereditary illnesses. The females should also be proven themselves as performance dogs and have had their working instincts tested. We also have two different mentality tests in Finland and the females will have at least one of these done and approved. They should have no disqualifying traits and have at least one conformation result that they are within the breed standard.

Acquiring a puppy

When searching for a puppy I would recommend to start early! If possible, you should contact the breeder well before the breeding and come meet the female and possibly the male.
When you inquire about a puppy, please tell about yourself. How much experience with dogs do you have? Why are you interested especially in aussies? Why this litter is interesting to you? What kind of a home would the puppy be coming to and what do you plan to do with the puppy? What kind of a puppy are you searching for? Gender, temperament etc?
I try to choose my puppy buyers with care, so that the right owner finds the right dog and the puppy gets the kind of life it deserves. Because puppies will vary in temperament inside the litter, it is important that the puppies go to the right homes. I use a puppy test done by seasoned trainers to help understand each puppy as well as observe them all closely when they grow. I don't sell my puppies because of a certain color or length of tail etc.

Red'n Ready puppies

  • will be registered in the Finnish Kennel Club (FCI) and if possible also in ASCA
  • will leave earliest at 7 weeks to new homes
  • are fed only with top quality puppy food 
  • will all be microchipped by a vet 
  • will be properly dewormed before leaving 
  • are thoroughly examined by a vet and will have a official eye examination 
  • grow up in the house in the middle of everyday life and will get used to cars, people, kids, dogs, different places etc.

My wishes for a puppy owner

My goal is the breed top quality puppies, but to accomplish this I need some help from my puppy owners. I wish that they will appreciate the hard work I put into the puppies and help me by doing some of the following:

  • Regular updates of the puppy, even after it is grown up! (information about health, character, working abilities, problems etc.)
  • Having official health tests done (minimum of hips, elbows and eye examination) 
  • Doing some mentality test, preferably in Finland but puppies abroad are a different thing
  • Testing the herding instinct of the dog if anyhow possible
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Content: Shanti Karinen